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Everything you need to know about Nancy as an actor, her projects and appearances.

"I thrive off of emotionally intense roles character - I love throwing myself in at the deep end. Though, I would say I thoroughly enjoy portraying antihero, "villain-esque" characters. I am very in touch with my own emotions and enjoy portraying a wide array of these feelings on to both the screen, stage and camera. I am immersed in music and fond of Jared Leto's work as an actor/director/musician for my inspiration as a growing artist. I am known for dedicating myself to health and fitness, proving that women can also lift weights and maintain a healthy, feminine physique.

I have over half a decade of professional training under my belt: working with the Chichester Festival Theatre, studying a Bachelor Honours degree in Screen Acting at the University of Chichester and having the pleasure of working with great names in the film and television industry. Some of these names include Chuck Finch (Detective Pikachu, Justice League, Planet of the Apes), Tim Pope (Director) and many more. 

I have appeared in many short films and music videos. My first professional role was as "Sam" in Anywhere by the Sea, a short following the story of an adolescent (Sam) in a mental institution and how she tries to escape the new medication system with the help of her friend, Alex. 

More recently, I have worked on numerous music videos that I have found incredibly enjoyable to bring to life. The art of acting without dialogue is extremely intricate; music has always been a huge influence when it comes to my style of acting, therefore, I was particularly motivated to follow these projects. 


  • Hysteria (Pre-production): Jay

  • Stuck on the Puzzle, Music Video: Girl


  • The Source, (Short): Art Department, 1st AD, 3rd AD

  • Reliant (Short): Esme

  • Anywhere by the Sea (Short): Sam 


  • "Dollhouse", (Theatre): Marian

  • Attempts on Her Life (Theatre): Ann


  • The Witches, Rohl Dahl - (Chichester Festival Theatre): Mrs Jenkins


  • My Life as a Child (Television), BBC One: Self

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