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The Unedited Story

My name is Nancy Mitchell and I am a creative mind based in West Sussex, UK. 
I have been creative for as long as I can remember, I have always visioned myself doing something extraordinary with my life: acting, film-making, spoken poetry and of course, modeling. 
One of the greatest pleasures I get from life is entertaining other people, making them think and engage with the artistic world; I see it as an important thing to connect with things other than numbers and academics as it keeps us human.

Most people know me for having crazy curly hair and a personality like a mixture of gothic jack-in-the-boxes and a hint of Springer Spaniel. I'm not afraid to speak up about things society deem as unorthodox or strange. 

I pride myself in being wired the way I am, its different and I would absolutely love nothing more to be able to share my stories and creativity with the rest of the world. 


Height:    5'9"

Bust:        34"

Waist:      27"

Hips:       37"

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